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User Sync Documentation


Atomx stores the mapping

Requires dsp.user_sync = 1

Add mappings by loading our pixel with user= the DSP buyerid.

We will send xxx in bidrequest.user.buyerid.

Optionally make our frontend load the pixel using:

dsp.user_sync_url = '${PROTOCOL}//...'
DSP stores the mapping

Get our user ID using:

Will redirect to:

Where yyy will be the ID Atomx sends in


Atomx stores the mapping

Requires ssp.user_sync = 1

Add mapping by loading our pixel:

Where yyy should be send as in requests for the same user in the future.

Optionally send back a pixel with our bids in case we don't know the user:

ssp.user_sync_url = '${PROTOCOL}//...'
SSP stores the mapping

Will redirect to:

Where xxx should be send in bidrequest.user.buyerid