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SSP Reporting

The following steps will show you how to generate a reporting URL that doesn't require any authentication:

Go to https://cp.atomx.com/reports/ssp and select the metrics and groups you are interested in.

For XML endpoints &subid= will be put into the RTB Site ID group, and &pub= will be put into the RTB Publisher ID group.

Click Show advanced options:

Now check the Make this an editable report checkbox. Editable reports are reports for which the dates can be changed when viewing the report (without generating a new report).

Now run the report. Once the report is done go to the bottom of the page and find the Get API URL button:

Click this button and an input field will show up that contains the URL for your CSV report.

The URL will be something like: https://api.atomx.com/v3/report/dd6s4ac9-9fa9-4aa4-80dd-eg94c6as5aba?download=excel&from=2017-11-30 00:00:00&to=2017-12-01 00:00:00

This report URL doesn't require any authentication so be careful who you share this with!

The &from= (including) and &to= (excluding) parts are editable so you can run the same report you just generated for any date. The time part ( 00:00:00) can be skipped.

For example a report that needs to return data for 2017-11-29 only should have these &from= and &to=: https://api.atomx.com/v3/report/dd6s4ac9-9fa9-4aa4-80dd-eg94c6as5aba?download=excel&from=2017-11-29&to=2017-11-30