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Reporting Creatives

Creative Checker

At Atomx, we have a Creative Checker service that continuously scans all creatives on the platform for malicious activity. The creatives are checked for suspicious activity (such as redirects, hijacks, etc), and URLs and assets are checked against a big list of blacklisted domains. This ensures that most of the uploaded malicious creatives are detected and blocked right away.

Auditing Team

Our Auditing Team manually reviews all uploaded creatives. This team of full time auditors checks every uploaded creative 24/7, and classifies the creative in the appropriate category. Malicious creatives that are detected by the auditing team are blocked right away.

Creative Inspector

There is still a small chance that some malicious creatives are not detected by the Creative Checker and Auditing Team, for example because the malicious behavior is appearing only in specific cases or at specific times. In such a case, users can also help us to report such malicious creatives.

We have developed the Atomx Creative Inspector extension for Google Chrome. It helps participating publishers and networks of the Atomx Media Exchange to inspect creatives and if necessary, report undesired creatives. When visiting a web site that contains Atomx advertisements, this extension shows a small white letter 'i' on a blue background in each creative (top left corner). By clicking this button, the user gets further details about the creative, such as: Creative ID, Campaign ID, Advertiser ID, Advertiser Network ID. This information helps to identify the advertising source behind undesired content. With a single click, users can then report such a creative so the auditing team can take action straight away.

The Creative Inspector can be downloaded at: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/atomx-creative-inspector/gdhajkojlbfhdoedlmolgdobnmdkmmld?hl=en

Manual Reporting

For users that don't use Chrome or don't wish to install the Creative Inspector, there is also a manual way to report creatives. In order to do this, open the Developer Tools or Web Developer in your browser and open the Network tab. Filter for the placement network request and check the X-Atomx response header, as shown below:

Copy the value (the : separated part) and paste it at https://www.atomx.com/inspectcreative/report so you can inspect and report the creative right away.