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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Categorized by questions from (1) Networks, (2) Advertisers, and (3) Publishers.

Questions from Networks

Is there a setup fee (installation fee) to start with Atomx?
No, there is no initial setup fee, no commitment, and no monthly minimum charge. This means your investment is just $0.10, the costs to upload one banner.

Where are your ad servers located?
Our servers are located in the U.S. East Coast, Central Europe (Bruxelles), and Singapore. We use Google Cloud.

CPM, CPC, CPA - which cost types does Atomx offer?
Currently CPM and DCPM. CPC will be added soon.

After winning a dCPM bid, how much will I be charged?
You will pay the maximum bid of the second highest bidder plus $0.01. For example, when your maximum bid is set at $0.36 and the second highest bidder for the impression sets his maximum bid at $0.27, you will win the bid for a price of $0.27 + $0.01 = $0.28 per one thousand impressions.

Does Atomx sells and buys Mobile App Traffic?
Our Ad Exchange has an interesting new feature in stock: mobile app traffic. All existing creatives are enabled to buy mobile app traffic. But that does not mean they automatically do. To implement this new option smoothly into our Exchange we decided to add a new placement type (“APP”), and set it as “Excluded” by default. Advertisers interested in mobile app traffic will have to change this campaign setting first to be able to buy impressions from mobile apps. → Inventory Targeting.

How does mobile app traffic show up in statistics, and how does it separate from mobile web traffic? Reporting now contains two new groups: “App” and “Placement Type”. You easily differentiate between the two: Mobile app traffic will have the “Unknown” domain but show an app name, and mobile web traffic will have the “Unknown” app, but show a domain name. If your campaign targets domains, it will not be able to buy mobile app traffic. If you target apps-only, you will not be able to buy mobile web traffic. For more information, please visit our blog Atomx Exchange Blog

My ad network needs payments from Atomx earlier. Can I change the default NET-60 terms to NET-45, NET-30 or even NET-15?
Please visit our Fee calculation web page. It includes information about our flexible NET terms. Or, please visit our Atomx Exchange Blog

Can you provide a demo login?
After viewing a demo, you can get a login to a sandbox version of the Atomx control panel. Ask the demo moderator.

In some countries, I don't want to sell my inventory below $0.10 CPM. Where can I set up my passback/fallback tags for the redirected traffic?
We currently support global passbacks/fallbacks only. Advanced pricing rules per country/domain/ad size/etc. are coming in the future. For now, you can work around this limitation by creating separate sites for this traffic.

What's the average delay of Atomx statistics?
Statistics are updated every 15 minutes past the hour. That means you might face a delay of just 15 minutes, or 1 hour and 14 minutes at most.

Remarks about the category ‘Adult/Pornographic’
Atomx does not tolerate adult/pornographic content in the ad exchange, neither from the buy side nor from the sell side.
Selling networks: Publishers are not permitted to place Atomx banner tags on pages with adult or mature content.
Buying networks: Make sure your banner rotations are clean. Also to avoid any unpleasant surprises from the sell side: exclude the category ‘Uncategorized’ in the menu 'Buying Restrictions’ on your network level. This way you make sure that only traffic from audited domains will be coming your way. Our Audit is working 24/7, classifying every new domain according to IAB standard.
For more information, please visit our Atomx Exchange Blog

As an ad network, I want my publishers to sign up on self-serve base. Is that possible?
This is only possible if you already have this self-service-option up and running on your side, and you are connected to Atomx via API.

Do you offer a white-label solution for my seat on Atomx?
Yes, it's possible for ad networks to have their own Logo instead the Atomx logo. Also, interface colors can be customized. Moreover, it is possible to use your own domain name for your seat (via CNAME setting in your webhost's control panel). For more information on Atomx Whitelabels, please visit our Atomx Exchange Blog

I see blocked impressions in my network stats, but I don't see why the impressions were blocked. How transparent are you regarding blocked impressions?
We have a proprietary algorithm that detects fraud traffic with high accuracy. We cannot reveal the details of this algorithm, since this information could be misused by fraudsters. However, we can tell that the following data is constantly being monitored:

  • Fake user agents or browsers,
  • Often refreshing pages/tags,
  • VPN/proxy traffic,
  • Other bot traffic (e.g. Google index bots).

Questions from Advertisers

As an advertiser, I set up a campaign. When will it go live?
New campaigns go live on the exchange after the campaign's creatives have been approved by our 24/7 creative audit team. This is usually done within an hour. The creatives will start running on managed traffic right away.

Can advertisers use filters such as Geo, OS, Browsers, Device Type, ISP?
Yes. All these filters mentioned are supported.

Does Atomx have mobile inventory and pop inventory?
Yes, we do. Plus: video and mobile app inventory will be added in the near future.

As an advertiser, can I target certain placements within one publisher's domain?
Not yet, but this feature will be introduced at a later date

Being the highest bidder, will I always win?
Yes you will. Via Atomx’ second price auction, the winner pays, not his bid, but the second highest bid. That’s $0.01 abov