DSP Reporting

The following steps will show you how to generate a reporting URL that doesn't require any authentication:

Go to https://cp.atomx.com/reports/dsp and select the metrics and groups you are interested in.

Click Show advanced options:

Now check the Make this an editable report checkbox. Editable reports are reports for which the dates can be changed when viewing the report (without generating a new report).

Sometimes you aren't interested in the Atomx IDs contained in the report. You can change your report to only include the name part using the Show group as advanced reporting option:

Now run the report. Once the report is done go to the bottom of the page and find the Get API URL button:

Click this button and an input field will show up that contains the URL for your CSV report.

The URL will be something like: https://api.atomx.com/v3/report/dd6s4ac9-9fa9-4aa4-80dd-eg94c6as5aba?download=excel&from=2017-11-30 00:00:00&to=2017-12-01 00:00:00

This report URL doesn't require any authentication so be careful who you share this with!

The &from= (including) and &to= (excluding) parts are editable so you can run the same report you just generated for any date. The time part ( 00:00:00) can be skipped.

For example a report that needs to return data for 2017-11-29 only should have these &from= and &to=: https://api.atomx.com/v3/report/dd6s4ac9-9fa9-4aa4-80dd-eg94c6as5aba?download=excel&from=2017-11-29&to=2017-11-30